Seasonal tyres can be beneficial for your vehicle. For instance, winter tyres will guarantee better traction and handling on snow and icy roads. Summer tyres are lighter and can withstand higher temperatures than alternatives such as all-season tyres. Unfortunately, changing the tyres during the transition can be troublesome because you must store the out-of-season tyres correctly. If these elements are not stored correctly, they will deteriorate, and their future use will be limited, necessitating premature replacement. Proper storage will guarantee an extended lifespan. Here are simple tips to help you store your tyres.

Wash the Tyres

You should begin the process by cleaning your tyres. Storing dirty tyres can promote degradation because of the accumulated contaminants on the external surfaces. You should wash these components using plenty of water and soap. You should look for a mild soap with non-corrosive properties. You can look for a specialty cleaning solution from your local auto shop. Remove the grime, dust and general dirt from the tyres, rinse and allow the surfaces to dry.

Choose a Storage Spot

You should determine the best space for placing your tyres during their storage period. The right space should be inside a cool room without drastic changes in temperature. For example, if you have a free basement without moisture, it will be perfect for tyre storage. Garages are suitable, but they are prone to temperature changes. Therefore, you should think about an appropriate temperature-control method if you are interested in garage storage. Ensure that your chosen spot is not in direct sunlight.

Protect from Contaminants

You should protect the tyres from damage and contamination during the storage period by keeping the elements sealed. You should purchase appropriate bags for this purpose. These bags should be large enough to accommodate tyres, and they should be opaque to minimise sunlight infiltration. Place your tyres in the chosen bags and place them in your chosen spot. As long as the bags are sealed, you will not need to worry about oil and chemical contamination.

Hang or Pile

If you do not wish to place your tyres in bags, you can hang them or pile them up in your selected storage space. In general, if your tyres are still on rims, you can hang them from hooks. You must ensure that the hooks are resilient enough for the weight. Piling is also a good option. However, you must make certain that the pile is changed and restacked periodically to avoid keeping a lot of weight on one tyre during the entire storage period.

Contact a company that offers tyres for sale for additional advice.