Having high-quality tyres on your car can help to improve fuel efficiency and the level of control you have when out on the road, saving you money and reducing the chance that you will be involved in a serious road accident. However, tyres are not the cheapest thing to purchase. Thankfully, there are some things you can do which will help to reduce the cost of replacing the tyres on your vehicle. Check out the advice below. 

Shop around

The cost of the same tyre can vary depending on the outlet. Some website which specialises in auto tyres can often offer hard to find types at a lower price than an auto repair shop. However, you will not get the same level of service as you will get at your local tyre shop. The staff at your local tyre shop can take a look at your car to help you to assess the type of tyre which is best for the vehicle. Dealing with someone face-to-face also increases the chance that you will be able to haggle some kind of discount. You should visit several different tyre shops to check out the prices, and you should not be afraid of playing one dealer off against another to lower the price you pay.

Choose your timing with care

When it comes to buying new tyres for a good price, timing can be everything. For example, if you are thinking about replacing the tyres on your car, you should aim to make the most of the spring and fall sales. Auto repair shops will normally have sales at these times of the year for two reasons. Firstly, the spring sale encourages drivers to change their tyres before the summer comes and they head out on a long distance road trip. Secondly, the fall sale encourages drives to change their tyres and have their car serviced before the winter sets in. Buying at these times means you will pay less for your tyres and you may even get a free service.

Buy a set of 4 tyres

If you are buying a single or a pair of tyres, you will typically pay more per tyre than you would if you purchased a set of 4. Even if you only need to replace one or two tyres, it could be worth your while if you invest in a brand new set of 4 tyres. Doing so will mean that all of your tyres will be subject to an equal amount of wear and tear, which will reduce the chance that the car becomes unbalanced due to worn rubber.

For further information, contact your nearest tyre shop today.